Bearable Lightness of Health

Clear Head is located in a house just steps away from the Charles Bridge with a proud tradition of over 500 years in shaping local history. We have been expounding the local vegetarian cuisine since 2005 and since then, our international team dedicates every day to making health the side effect of joyful visits and delicious food. The interior is carefully curated with art and design of Czech artists and our friends, your food complemented with a selection of fresh juices, wine, and few special treats. 

You may sit under the stars or in a private saloon filled with flowers, each of our rooms a unique experience reflecting different aspects of nature. Whether for a business lunch, romantic dinner, or a family celebration, we at Clear Head will make sure your experience with us is as magical as the stories on our walls.

We take the pleasures and experiences of our guests very seriously and communicate with you through a range of mediums; whether TripAdvisor, Zomato, Google, or Facebook and Instagram. Ranking in the Top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in all of Prague on Tripadvisor, we have received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In addition, we are in the Top 100 restaurants of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian in all of Czech Republic according to the Grand Restaurant Guide in years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Our Vision

Clear Head was born out of a common vision that vegetarian and vegan food can be equally nutritious and exciting as that with meat. For us, food is a source of energy, but more importantly a common language of the world. It is our way of sharing a story with everyone who visits our restaurant, a story that requires no words other than the tastes themselves. Our menu is a mosaic that reflects our diverse team of chefs, with all of the meals carefully selected to highlight what we love the most about food. The energy of it and the pleasure for our senses. Whether a mouthwatering burger, cheesy quesadilla, spicy curry, or a vegan wok, our dishes are a treat for your sight when served, sense of smell when introduced, taste when enjoyed and most importantly your soul after you are finished. The name “Clear Head” came out of the belief and experience that quality food and the passion of the people sharing this story fills your body with energy and your soul with a lightness of health.

The smooth curve of our logo, a flying head with wings, summarizes our vision for us, a vision to only for vegetarian cuisine, but for our entire way of life.

Come and experience a bearable lightness of health.

Our team

Václav "Vasu" Stanislav

There used to be times when the only thing that interested me was astral travel. For this goal I have travelled the whole world, which in retrospect seems like a strange journey. More and more in my life the question of purpose. Clear Head and Maitrea are definitely a part of my purpose in life and that is the way I approach these restaurants. My wish is that our guests enjoy. The food, the staff, themselves in their own lives. Together with my friend Martin Dobeš, who’s bio is somewhere around here, we have ran a business for 16 years without having an argument. Primarily because we have separated our segments, I take care of food, design and running the restaurant. And my lifelong dream is to open a vegan dance club.

Martin Dobeš


Richard Hřivňák